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At Kuffel Law, we specialize in guiding families through life's legal puzzles. Our team is here to help you understand your rights and navigate any challenges you may encounter. Explore our FAQ Hub to gain clarity on complex legal matters:

When is the mediation process beneficial
and how does the process work?
What is dissipation of assets?
What happens to maintenance when
the payor retires or has medical issues?
What legal considerations are there when
relocating to another state with a child?
When is a restriction on
parenting time appropriate?
When can I modify parenting time?
How do I respond to a DCFS Investigation?
What can DCFS do if they are
investigating me?
How does a DCFS indication affect
my family/custody case?
How do I initiate an adoption?
Who can adopt who?
What is a second parent adoption?
How do I initiate a guardianship?
What is a short term guardianship?